Monday, November 22, 2010

Vegn MoFo - Soba Noodle Sushi (and Sweet Potato for Holly)

I saw this on Courtney's blog awhile ago & immediately wanted to make it since I love both soba noodles & sushi.  This is super easy & really good & it is an amazingly fast meal from starting to eating was only about 15 minutes.  My sushi contained tofu which had been marinated in soy sauce & hoisin, red capsicum & avocado.  The recipe is here.  Courtney is also doing an A-Z for Vegan MoFo so check out her blog to see what she is doing for the month.

And, while we are on food starting with S, we gave Holly some sweet potato yesterday for her first foray into the world of solid food!  She was not super interested & I think she might still be a bit too young but it was very, very cute.


  1. I must bookmark this recipe - sounds delicious - though I am not in habit of making sushi - would make great finger food for holly when she is a bit older if she eats this sort of thing!

    am sure she will get more used to solids - just hope she isn't as keen on throwing her food on the floor as Sylvia is!

  2. It was messy enough as it was without the added mess of being thrown on the floor!