Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vegan MoFo - An A-Z of deliciousness

I have been a bit slack blogging lately, but I have ben saving myself for Vegan Mofo which I will be participating in again this year.  My plan for the month of November is to do an A-Z of vegan food that I will be cooking - starting tomorrow with an apple & strawberry crumble for A.  I love reading all the Vegan Mofo blogs & am looking forward to it kicking off.  You can read more about Vegan Mofo here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some things I have cooked during my absence

Things have been pretty crazy in our house over the last month which is why I have been super slack on the blogging front.  Greg & I got married last weekend & have had our house overtaken by his New Zealand family & friends.

I have a few photos of some things we have eaten lately:

Chestnut & Mushroom Soup - This was so, so good!!  It was basically sauteed mushrooms blended with roasted chestnuts, stock & soy milk.  It was rich & velvety & divine.

Broccoli Soup - I don't really remember what was in this, but despite it looking a bit unappetising it was good.

Rosemary Bread Rolls

Easy as (vegan) Pie vegan sausage rolls - crap photo of SUPER delicious sausage rolls. 

Broccoli Quinoa - Yum

Pumpkin & Olive tart - based on this recipe