Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some things I have cooked during my absence

Things have been pretty crazy in our house over the last month which is why I have been super slack on the blogging front.  Greg & I got married last weekend & have had our house overtaken by his New Zealand family & friends.

I have a few photos of some things we have eaten lately:

Chestnut & Mushroom Soup - This was so, so good!!  It was basically sauteed mushrooms blended with roasted chestnuts, stock & soy milk.  It was rich & velvety & divine.

Broccoli Soup - I don't really remember what was in this, but despite it looking a bit unappetising it was good.

Rosemary Bread Rolls

Easy as (vegan) Pie vegan sausage rolls - crap photo of SUPER delicious sausage rolls. 

Broccoli Quinoa - Yum

Pumpkin & Olive tart - based on this recipe


  1. Were the rolls tough to make? I used to bake ALL the time before going vegan, and now I've shied away from it because I'm a little terrified of ruining my favorite recipes, lol. I cook all the time, though, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE quinoa! It looks delicious in that pic. :)

  2. The rolls were super easy & delicious. You should definitely get back into baking, I don't think I even notice a difference when veganising omni recipes.

  3. congratulations on getting married - hope you had lots of yummy food at the wedding - any photos?

  4. Oh yum, everything looks delicious! I especially like the look of the tart and the broccoli soup. I have been wanting to try and make broccoli soup for quite some time now.


  5. Johanna - I didn't get any photos of food at the reception & I don't think anyone else took any, but we had it at Coco Loco & had fondue which was delicious!

  6. Your pumpkin and olive tart intrigues me. And I am looking forward to making htemost of the seasonal chestnuts and mushrooms, of course it has to be soup.

    Also congratulations on getting married.

  7. Everything looks great, especially those breadrolls!