Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Ice Cream

Day 9 & my first fail!
I decided to try making an ice cream & don't have an ice cream maker so when I stumbled across this recipe I thought it would be perfect & nothing sounds more delicious than peanut butter, coconut, maple syrup ice cream. I used regular soy milk rather than soy creamer & when I was putting it in the blender I did wonder if half a cup was too much & I should try a lesser amount but decided to live on the edge & use the full amount.  I shouldn't have.  This came out so, so runny!  It tastes divine but it is pretty much a milkshake rather than ice cream.  I have put it back into the freezer to see if it is ok when it freezes up, but as of now - this is what it looks like.

ETA - It froze up super hard so we waited until it softened & then ate it &it was sooooo good.  It got a bit icy but not too bad.  It was so delicious that I would make it again for sure.


  1. I think it will turn out like icecream once you freeze it! fingers crossed for you :)


  2. Oh no. maybe it's the week for failed ice cream made by vegans.

    I love the choc peanut ice cream from my vegan ice cream, in fact it's my favourite ice cream, i posted the recipe here:

    Not sure how it will go without an ice cream maker but is worth a shot I think.

  3. Rose - It tastes fantastic, but it went a bit icy as I thought it might.

    K - I think Cindy has stolen all the ice cream glory this week! That recipe looks good, my mum has an ice cream maker that I might need to borrow indefinitely.

  4. Nothing wrong with a milkshake, right? :)