Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Caesar Salad

There is so much good food that I could have made starting with C, but in the end I decided on a caesar salad since it has been a long time since I ate one & I do love them.  I had some tofu that needed using so I  made a "chicken" caesar salad.

This is an easy meal - crunchy cos lettuce leaves topped with creamy caesar dressing, croutons, bacon bits & crumbed tofu.  The dressing was really easy, I used the one from Veganomicon & I used this recipe from The Fat-Fueled Vegan for the crumbed tofu.  The croutons were just squares of bread I had cut from a multigrain bread roll & fried in a little bit of olive oil.
Without tofu


  1. Yum! I quite liked Caesar salads in my omni days but I think I'd like a vegan one even more - no anchovies or eggs. :-P

  2. mmm looks good! I tried to make vegan cesar dressing once and failed miserably :(


  3. Looks yummy, Vicky! Never even thought to make Caesar salad vegan. :) Can't wait to try it.

  4. What a super yummy looking salad. I love Caesar, and the tofu is inspired.

  5. That's some nice looking crumbed tofu ;)