Monday, October 26, 2009

Half Moon Cafe

My Saturdays at the moment are horrible. We are trying to buy a house so my Saturdays are spent driving around the Northern suburbs going to open for inspections of shit houses that we still can't afford - fun! So there is usually the need to grab lunch on the run & this Saturday I stopped into Half Moon Cafe on my way home.

Half Moon Cafe have hands down the best felafels in town. I got the Half Moon Felafel without yoghurt, it has pickles, hommous, tahini, tabouli & olives - yum.


  1. i went through the exact same thing at the end of last year, all saturday racing from one inspection to the next, getting lost, having real estate agents not turn up, knowing i'll miss out on houses because other people can afford to offer more. so i mean it when i say good luck to you and i hope you find something

    oh and half moon cafe is awesome! the man that works there is hysterical

  2. I love the falafels at half moon cafe - need to go there soon - and good luck with house hunting - I have been there and found it like walking around with a blindfold as you try to understand all the slimy agents' talk but I loved looking at all the houses!

  3. My local... love their felafels.

  4. Philippa & Johanna - thanks for the sympathy. It is exciting but unfortunately we can't afford much & it looks liek we might have to move to the outer suburbs to get something decent.
    Lisa - I only found out about Half Moon from your Veg Food Guide - it is the sort of place I would have walked straight past otherwise. Incidentally, I love that book & carry it around in my handbag so I always know where to eat.