Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fried rice & Scallion Flatbread

I wanted to make a stir fry recently & I wanted rice so I decided to make a fried rice type of thing but with mostly vegies & a little bit of rice. I stir fried some onion, broccoli, red capsicum, oyster mushrooms, mock chicken, cashews & water chestnuts. (I am pretty sure I could live solely on oyster mushrooms, they are so, so good.) I cooked it all with some ginger, garlic, dark soy sauce & vego oyster sauce & stirred through cooked basmati rice at the end & it was really delicious!

Awhile ago I made the scallion flatbreads from Veganomicon & froze them uncooked so I just had to take them out, cook them in a frypan with a little bit of peanut oil & they were done - quick, easy & really tasty!


  1. oh awesome! i've looked at this recipe but have yet to try it. i really like the spring onion pancake from camy but haven't been there in ages, plus i'm questioning the veg-ness of everything they serve now! the rice looks great too. i'm a total shroom head. the fancier the better!

  2. I LOVE the spring onion pancake from Camy but I also question the vegan-ness of it. They are so good though.
    These aren't a bad replica of them, but they are a bit flatter, have a different texture due to the wholemeal flour (which I actually really liked) and mine were not so oily.