Monday, September 6, 2010

East Brunswick Club - Weekend Breakfast II

For Greg's first Father's Day I told him that I would take him for a meal of his choice & he decided that he would like to go back to EBC for breakfast & try the pancakes.

I was quite hungry so got the Vegan Big Breakfast (which Greg got last time) & he went for The Elvis pancakes.
My breakfast was good, but I am still not sure that I love their scrambled tofu, although I think it was better than last time.  The toast is also much better, it is now turkish bread & it comes with nuttelex on it.  But the whole time I was jealously watching Greg eat his pancakes because they looked amazing!  I had a little bit & they were so, so good - fluffy & perfect.  They came with heaps of maple syrup, fake bacon, banana, ice cream & peanut butter.  Greg really enjoyed them & I want to go back next weekend & eat this.
Vegan Big Breakfast
The Elvis Pancakes
Breakfast is available on weekends from 12-4pm & they now also do $12 parmas on the weekend after 2pm.

280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick  
03 9388 9794


  1. Woh, now that is a vegan breakfast! I can't believe the toppings on the pancakes, I don't think I could eat that too early in the morning!!

  2. Ohhhh, those pancakes are like the glorified version of my morning oatmeal (peanut butter and maple syrup with dark chocolate). Maybe I should add some fake bacon sometime soon? :D

  3. Wow, those look really good! Not to mention, I'm really hungry right now, so I wouldn't mind tucking into that right now. Mmm.

  4. Wowzer! those pancakes look amazing. I could definitely eat 2 or 3 or 17 of those right now!

  5. That Elvis brekkie rules! I'm gonna have to try and invent that at home.

  6. those pancakes look fantastic - father's day is a great excuse to eat out - a friend of mine had a baby recently and bought a cookbook for the new dad as a hint!