Sunday, June 6, 2010

East Brunswick Club - Weekend Breakfast

I caught up with a friend for dinner at East Brunswick Club recently & was a little bit excited to see that they are now doing breakfast from 12-4 on weekends.  For the vegan options they have The Vegan Basic ($10) which is sourdough toast with facon & scrambled tofu, the Vegan Big Breakfast ($15) which is sourdough toast, mushrooms, roasted tomato, spinach, scrambled tofu, facon, fauxsage & a hash brown.  They also have 3 different sorts of pancakes which are veganisable -
  • with maple syrup & ice cream 
  • with maple syrup, bacon & ice cream 
  • the 'Elvis' which I think consisted of something along the lines of peanut butter, banana, bacon, maple syrup & ice cream
I got the Vegan Basic & Greg got the Vegan Big Breakfast.  The scrambled tofu was made with silken tofu so it was much more what I remember the texture of scrambled eggs to be like than any other scrambled tofu I have tried before.  I am not sure about this, I liked it but didn't love it & was not a big fan of the toast that they use.  Greg, however, really enjoyed his breakfast & I tried his hash brown which was really good.
I am interested in going back & trying the pancakes because they did look pretty good.

280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick  
03 9388 9794


  1. I was at the EBC last night for dinner, and I noticed the breakfast menu up on the wall - I really want to try the pancakes. I can't think of anywhere else that does vegan pancakes!

  2. We were at the EBC and saw the advert for this. I AM REALLY EXCITED TO TRY IT ALL!

  3. I really want to go back & try the pancakes, someone else got them when we were there & they looked really good.

  4. Still meaning to eat there!

    I have never really enjoyed tofu scramble though when I buy it out, always WAY better when I make it at home. And I vote the fresh water packed medium tofu from Asian grocers as the best tofu to use.

  5. I think I prefer scrambled tofu with firm tofu (never being a fan of scrambled eggs) but I love the breakfast time