Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where's The Beef Week - Day 4 - Cheesy Tofu Fritters

Day 4, I made the Cheesy Tofu Fritters which are a veganised gluten free version of goats cheese fritters.  These are so, so good!  I followed the recipe exactly, but also added in a little bit of grated mozzarella cheezly into the mix & I only cooked them in a tiny bit of oil.  I served these with a simple & delicious cranberry gravy just made from cranberry sauce, massel chicken stock & flour, I reduced the gravy too much though & didn't make nearly enough.
This meal is going on regular rotation.


  1. It's great to have this new recipe tested by someone else! What sort of tofu did you use? I've been wondering how these would go with different textures.

    Cranberry gravy sounds terrific, I've never made anything like it.

  2. I just used the water packed silken firm tofu from the supermarket. I really, really liked these - great recipe!

  3. hi! i'm following your blog now. these look fantastic. i used to love goat cheese fritters on a salad, so i can't wait to try this version!