Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vegie Hut

We had a family dinner on a Monday night recently. The original plan had been to go to Enlightened Cuisine but they aren't open on Monday nights, so in the end it was decided to go to Vegie Hut as it is pretty much in the middle of the 3 locations that the 6 of us were coming from. 

There were a couple of issues - first of all, there was a big table with way too many people around it right behind us which made those of us on the side of the table next to them really squished in although there were quite a few empty tables. Secondly, the service was pretty much non existent, we had to flag down waitresses to order, to clear the table & to get the bill & no one was ever offered drinks. Thirdly, and maybe this is just because I love the Enlightened Cuisine banquet, but for the most part I found the food very meh. I am guessing that my family felt the same way because there were heaps of left overs & no one took any.

So, the food. We got a banquet which was pretty reasonable at $139 for 6 people with far more than we could eat.  Apologies for the awful photos.
Oriental Entrees Platter - in the middle were pickled vegetables which were really good, definitely the highlight of the platter

Shark Fin Soup - it was very gelatinous, but the flavour was gingery & quite nice

I think these were chilli prawns although they were not at all spicy - they were good though, deep fried prawniness
Lamb hot pot - quite nice with big pieces of mushrooms in it
This was some sort of fish, I wasn't a big fan of this at all
Black Pepper Steak - This was really good
Bamboo string on Chinese veggies - I don't even remember what this tasted like, but there was a lot left over
Dessert - this was delicious, my highlight of the meal!  It was like a lychee juice with jelly, sultanas, goji berries & lychees in it - I could have eaten a lot of this.  Note a crashed out Holly in the background getting cuddles from her Aunty
I think the meal would have been better of we chose our own food, I just think the banquet might have been a bad move.  I am still a huge fan of their Sunday yum cha.

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984 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill
03 9898 2287

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