Friday, May 14, 2010

Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

I am pretty sure that it is the law that you have to eat cake on your birthday so for Greg's birthday I decided to make chocolate mousse cupcakes.  I was going to make a whole chocolate mousse cake & cover it with ganache but was concerned about how we would go eating an entire cake so thought that cupcakes would be more manageable.

I made the chocolate cake recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking which is ridiculously easy & also made the chocolate mousse recipe from the same book.  I thought the mousse tasted a bit tofu-y to start with but added a bit of maple syrup & once it chilled for awhile didn't taste like tofu at all.  I then just cut the tops off the cupcakes & scooped a little hole into each cake which I filled with mousse.  The mousse didn't set as well as I had hoped so it came out the sides a bit once I put the tops back on.  But after sitting the cakes in the fridge for a couple of hours the mousse set more.  I had originally planned to make a ganache to cover each cake with, but had heaps of mousse left over so served the cakes topped with a dollop of mousse.  These ended up being delicious, but verrrry rich.


  1. I always feel the same way about making two much cake for the two of us to chow through but I liked the suggestion I was given recently of buying quite small cake tins and reducing the recipe!

    These look delicious - birthdays are a good excuse to eat rich baking - though who needs excuses! You make me feel I should use my joy of vegan baking more as I see all the stuff you make from it

  2. Looks awesome. This year I didn't get a birthday cake which is kind of ironic since I make lots of people cakes and cupcakes for their birthdays, I might need to make up for it next year :-)

    Happy Birthday again to Greg@

  3. Omg yum!!! I have a bit of an aversion to uncooked tofu, but I bet they'd be delicious with an avocado/raw chocolate mousse too! So good.

  4. They look like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

  5. Johanna - That is a really good idea about using smaller tins, I hadn't actually thought about that!
    Kristy - You seem to make amazing birthday cake for people, shame you didn't get one :(
    Penny - I have never tried an avocodo/chocolate mousse but I think it would be delicious.
    Mandee - Cake is the perfect way top celebrate everything ;)

  6. I've had avocado-based chocolate mousse too and it's pretty nice, but I think the best chocolate mousse is based on cashews. :-> You can also use some tofu to make it lower on fat, but definitely use some cashews.

  7. Cashew based mousse sounds amazing!!