Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wood Spoon Kitchen

After reading about Wood Spoon Kitchen in the 2009 wrap ups from both Toby & Lisa I decided that I really wanted to go there so when I planned to go out to dinner with 2 of my favourite people last night - Wood Spoon Kitchen it was. There was a bit of confusion to start with because my friend Anthony beat Greg & I there & said that there was no booking & we would have to sit with other people, but then I found him sitting in Wabi Sabi. Once we got to Wood Spoon Kitchen they had my booking & we had a table to ourselves.

For entree we shared edamame which I love

And Agedashi Tofu - yum!!

For main I had Dengaku Don which was big chunks of super soft & delicious eggplant with other vegies & chunks of tofu in a miso-y sauce on rice - delicious, I absolutely love eggplant like this.

Greg had the vego miso soup with noodles which he liked but didn't love.

And my friend Anthony is omni so he ate something chicken-y which he liked.

I decided to get dessert, mostly because there was a vegan dessert on the menu. I ordered the Pumpkin Dango in Coconut Milk. I wasn't expecting much but this was my highlight, I absolutely loved it. It was little balls of super smooth pumpkin (like gnocchi) in a really sweet & creamy coconut milk topped with red beans - it was really, really tasty.

It is a really nice little restaurant, fairly quiet so you can chat easily & really friendly but unobtrusive service, we were there for a few hours & it was really relaxed & we never felt rushed.

Wood Spoon Kitchen
88 Smith Street


  1. "I found him sitting in Wabi Sabi" lol! - plenty of veg-friendly Japanese in that strip. How good is the agedashi tofu?

  2. And I think he had a bit of a go at Wabi Sabi for not having my booking!! The agedashi tofu was really good, I haven't had a whole lot of agedashi tofu but that was definitely the best I have eaten.

  3. ooo i have to try this place when i get back. people keep saying nice things about it. and right now i'm constantly craving sweet coconutty desserts...

  4. That tofu - I could eat it forever and a day. Yum.