Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I lived in St Kilda for a few years quite awhile ago & lived around the corner from Bala's. I was omni back then & think I would have got take away from there at least once a week & loved it. Recently I decided to stop in for lunch because I was around St Kilda. It is quick, cheap bain marie food. It is really well labelled & there were only 2 vegan options, red curry pumpkin & yellow curry with tofu, sadly, most of the stir fries which looked veg*n had oyster sauce in them, including the black bean tofu which I used to eat every week. I had the red curry pumpkin, it was ok & really creamy with little peanutty bits, but I think that I wanted more vegies, it was just cubes of pumpkin with a couple of strips of red capsicum & a teeny bit of spinach.

I did take a dodgy pic on my phone, but have lost the cable to connect it to my computer.

1d Shakespeare Gr
St Kilda 3182 VIC

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