Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love dumplings, these were filled with spinach, shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts & a bit of ginger & were delicious. I served them on top of a simple stir fry of rice noodles, red capsicum & carrot with mint & dark soy sauce tossed through it.


  1. ooo meee toooo! did you make the dumplings? i just bought little dumpling making devices and can't wait to use them!

  2. awesome, I've never tried making them because Toby is too obsessed with a packet mix we get from the asian supermarket at barkley square. But I would to experiment with different flavours one day, if gluten free dumpling wrappers exist :-)

  3. Steph - It was delicious!

    Phillipa - I bought a set of the dumpling press things & I always use them now, my dumplings never sealed properly before but now they seal perfectly every time!

    Kristy - I usually buy the packet ones as well, easy & delicious!

  4. YUM! I really want to make dumplings but never really knew what to fill them with. Your combo sounds great!