Saturday, July 18, 2009


I love calzones. They seem healthier than pizza & you can add pretty much anything to them & they are tasty & look impressive. On a quiet saturday night recently I made some bolognaise calzones. I made them up as I was going but they featured pasta sauce, tomato paste, mushrooms, garlic, onion, red wine & reconstituted tvp.

I used the same dough recipe as I used in my pizza post, rolled it out into 4 rounds, filled with my bolognaise, topped with some grated cheezly & cooked them on very hot on a pizza stone until brown & served with a salad of rocket, roasted red capsicum & avocado.

A perfect weekend dinner (& lunch the next day!)


  1. Hey thanks for the tip re top shop will check it out, those calzones look yummy. Great to see another Melb vegan blogger, will add you to my list!

  2. Your calzones look delicious! Ive made some ages ago, but didnt like how they turned out. Maybe I should try using a pizza dough recipe like you have.


  3. I always make them with pizza dough & they are delicious! Definitely give it a go!