Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tempeh & Eggplant Pot Pies

After reading this post on The Tropical Vegan, I decided to make the Tempeh & Eggplant Pot Pies from The Vegan Table as I had some tempeh in my freezer & an eggplant in my fridge.  I followed the recipe exactly, although I left the celery out because I hate it & for the tomato sauce I used a can of diced tomatoes.  I really liked these, but next time I make them I will add tomato paste & red wine to the filling to give it a bit of extra flavour.  The biscuit topping is amazing!  I want to eat nothing but pot pies topped with that biscuit topping from now on.


  1. I LOVE your blog!! I seriously want to cook so many things this very second, except its 2.45 am and I need to go to bed..

  2. This recipe looks full of things I don't usually use - E hates eggplant but occasionally I can convince him to try it - and yet I am bookmarking it as it looks delish

  3. I think Greg isn't a huge fan of eggplant either, but I love it & I ccok so he eats it!