Saturday, July 24, 2010

Soba noodles and salt & pepper tofu

I recently stumbled across the blog eat me, delicious & decided to make a couple of recipes from there for dinner which I thought would go together nicely.

The recipe for the noodles was right down my alley since soba noodles & edamame are two of my favourite foods.  This was really easy to make & the flavours were quite light & subtle & I really enjoyed it.

I really liked the salt & pepper tofu recipe & even though I had no garlic, chilli or spring onion it was still really good (if not the most photogenic meal) & I plan on making it again & again.


  1. So funny. I was in search of something to do with soba noodles when this popped up on my blog roll. And, I got really excited to see it included edamame. We are definitely on the same page this week!!!

  2. Sounds yummo and I noticed that she also shares my love of the matthew tofu recipe too, I'm thinking about making the honey mustard tofu with maple syrup instead of mustard

  3. The honey mustard tofu looks great, I think I will try it with maple syrup too.