Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was sitting at work yesterday procrastinating & thinking about what to make for dinner & I checked my emails & had an email from vege2go saying that they are now doing vegan lasagne - perfect, dinner sorted! I dropped in on my way home & got 2 vegan lasagnes, potato salad & rocket explosion salad. The vegan lasagnes are $9.95 each & massive!! Greg had a whole one, but I had half & then the other half for lunch today. I really, really like it - it had thin layers of pumpkin (I think but it could have been sweet potato), spinach & zucchini & was topped with a creamy sauce. There wasn't heaps of vegies in it but I liked it regardless & sometimes that is what you want anyway!

This is Greg's plate with with a whole piece & mine with half a piece.

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