Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas goodness

For Christmas we went to my mum's place for lunch, she was doing meat for all my omni family & roasted vegies. She is more than happy to always offer a vegan option for us, but I decided to make something to take along. I was going to make tofurkey, but given that we currently have Greg's mum with us who does not understand what vegan is I thought that might be a bit weird. So in the end I decided to make some small savoury tarts.

I made asparagus & white bean puree as well as pesto, 'ricotta' & tomato. These were so, so good!! The asparagus & white bean tarts were based on this recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used short crust pastry tart shells that I made & blind baked first. I also made my own pesto which was basil, garlic, raw cashews, olive oil, nooch & salt & pepper all blended together. I thought these would be my favourites, but the tomato ones were even better! I blind baked the tart shells, covered the bottoms with my pesto, filled them with ricotta & topped them with tomatoes. The ricotta was super easy & super delicious & will be in all my lasagnas from now on.

- 3/4 tub tofutti cream cheese
- package of firm tofu (I think around 300gm)
- 1/4 cup nooch

Blend it all together - easy! This was based on a recipe I found here on Yeah, that vegan shit.

Everyone LOVED these, it is always good to win omnis over with tasty vegan food.

So here are all my tarts ready to go in my mum's oven

One of my presents from Greg was icypole moulds. I am very excited to make banana & maple syrup smoothie icy poles, but last night he made some icy poles with soda water & cordial which were quite nice.

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  1. Your tarts look yumcredible! And i had to giggle about the icypole moulds; I bought the same ones for Buzz's nephew! He loves pink and cooking so we're going to make fruit juice "healthypoles" with him.