Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Press Club

I went to The Press Club for my work Christmas lunch today. We were trying to work out somewhere to go months ago & having read a review on Where's the Beef I had been looking forward to trying it so I suggested it, everyone was happy & off we went today.

When we first got there the waitress knew 2 of us were vegan & said that we could get a-la carte meals of spring vegetables or stuffed zucchini flowers or go for the 4 course kerasma where they bring out a variety of dishes. At this point, after essentially being offered a plate of vegies I was not too optimistic so we decided to go for the kerasma which proved to be the right decision. My meal was AMAZING! I didn't take photos but I should have because the food not only tasted amazing but looked amazing.

The 5 courses were:
  • Tomato tea, marinated olives, pickled cabbage
  • Steamed zucchini floweres with a watermelon & cherry tomato salad
  • Risoni with mushrooms & roasted capsicums - seriously simple & the best meal I have eaten in a long time
  • Spring vegetables with pine nuts, greek salad, cabbage salad & green beans in a tomato & breadcrumb sauce
  • Dessert tasting plate - this was enormous & the absolute highlight, it was: watermelon, orange & mint salad, mango sorbet, berry sorbet, greek donuts with an orange sugar syrup
There was heaps of food & it was well considered & the service was friendly & attentive despite how busy it was. The only issue was that it was quite noisy, but we were seated close to the kitchen & there were a lot of big groups there. I am definitely going back there again.


  1. Hey, that's awesome! I'm jealous that you were served the tomato tea - I've seen it but not tried it. The dessert platter sounds super-impressive too.

  2. The dessert platter was the most impressive vegan dessert I have ever been given. Everyone kept looking at it because it looked so good.

  3. Cindy, I thought the dish we had with watermelon skewers was tomato tea??

    Vicki, that sounds amazing, even better than we went. Also, congrats on the pregnancy!