Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enlightened Cuisine

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I have just done an epic 16 day, 10-15 hours per day stint at work due to an event my work was organising.  Because we were onsite at the Exhibition Centre last week my boss put us up in a hotel in Southbank, which I suspect is just so that we have no excuse not to work really long hours.  Anyway, after I finished up work one night I wandered down to Enlightened Cuisine to get some take away to eat in bed in my hotel room - if only I lived walking distance to there all the time!!

I ordered sesame prawn ($4.50 I think) which was so, so much like normal trashy Chinese restaurant prawn toast & quite delicious.
I also had the Beef Kway Teow ($11 I think) which I loved!  It was fillied with sliced mock beef & bean sprouts & was oily & smoky & tasted like beef kway teow from my omni days.  I am surprised I didn't eat this every night, it was delicious & cheap.

Greg also met me for dinner one night & we went there & ate 5 spice tofu & roast duck which were also really good - especially the duck, yum!

Enlightened Cuisine
113 Queensbridge St


  1. I love this restaurant!

    The sesame prawn toast is awesome - and I never even liked prawns. :-)

  2. love love love love LOVE