Tuesday, November 3, 2009

World Vegan Day

I went to my 2nd World Vegan Day on Sunday. I met some great people Steph, Danni, Tahn, Kristy & Toby & ate ice cream so all in all it was a pretty good day! I completely forgot to take photos on the day but completely agree with Phillipa's post here about the lack of lunch options. The lines were crazy long & Greg & I were turned away from Funky Pies because they had no hot pies so we ended up eating rice paper rolls & lots of deep fried food from enlightened cuisine.

But, my food highlight of the day was cake!

This is cheesecake & chocolate torte from Naked Treaties (I hate that name) by Jemma who was on Big Brother years ago. We bought 2 slices to take home & these were a bit expensive, I think $5.50 per slice but well worth it. On my plate is 1/2 a slice of each & oh my goodness they were delicious!! Especially the chocolate torte which was super rich & chocolately. Apparently they do catering so at the moment these are frontrunner for dessert at our wedding.

Greg just mentioned that his food highlight of the day was Veganpet cat food. We got a sample for our cats & Greg tried it & loved it - weirdo.


  1. How yum was that cake! And to think it was raw!! (I agree- the name didn't do much for me either!). I had no money left, so had to settle with samples!

  2. It was nice to meet you, Vicki!
    The Chinese food is actually from Supreme Master people. Enlightened are much better.

  3. Toby - that makes sense!! I didn't think it was as good as Enlightened!

  4. i really wish i had gotten there earlier to meet you! i hate the name too

  5. Those cakes look great! Andy has tried veganpet cat food too, (weirdo) and thought it was not very tasty. Nacho cat likes it though, which I guess is all that matters!

  6. I can't believe Jemma off BB is making raw, vegan food, how weird! And in Sydney I can pay up to $7 for a slice of raw cake, eep!

  7. I am so jealous you guys all met up without me! :( SOB!

    PS. But glad you had a great time - gotta say that or I will look cruel and heartless

  8. Hi Vicki,

    My name is Kate and I've recently started up a vego group for the Mornington Peninsula. I found you through Googling vegan restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula, and saw you went to T'Gallant. What vegan food did they have there? There is nothing vegan on their menu.

    I'm looking DESPERATELY for somewhere for this month's meet and I'm having no luck so if you have any ideas or you know somewhere that WILL make a vegan menu or something please let me know! And of course you are welcome to come. :)


    Thank you. :)