Monday, November 9, 2009

Vegan Brunch Sausages

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately from Vegan Brunch & after reading all the hype about the sausages I decided to make the cherry & sage ones, but subbed dried cranberries for dried cherries. I liked these but I didn't love them but this may be based on two things.

1, The first time I made them there was a kids party across the road & lots of little girls all of about 8 years old singing that awful song "Sexy Bitch" starting throwing things at my car (fruit & dolls heads!) So being the cranky neighbour I am I went over to complain while the sausages were frying & I burnt them, so they were not so great.

2, I then froze the rest & I just don't think they froze well & were really rubbery. I did like them & thought they had good flavour but I think I am put off making them again, but I do want to try the chorizo sausages.

The second time I had them I served them with a lemony smashed potato & salad. I actually think the smashed potato was my favourite part of the meal, I used nicola potatos & they were delicious!


  1. I made the chorizo (but changed it a bit) and found them a bit rubbery but great chopped small and fried up for pasta dishes - bit like crispy bacon bits - have a few of them in freezer so hope they are ok - that kids party sounds just too too scary

  2. hey kristy! that was the first time I managed to drag myself along to cinematheque... I actually really liked the doco... all the french communists were so unbelievably chic it made me sick hahaha

    I'll let you know the next time I go.. we can have a drink before/after xo

  3. whoah! are you sure they were 8 year old girls and not possessed? sounds scary! sorry the sausages didn't work out. i'll have to try them becuase so many people are getting mixed results

  4. Johanna - chopping them up & using them with pasta sounds good. I still have some in the freezer so will try that.

    Carla - Sounds good. I usually go to a bar & to dinner first, but I am not drinking at the moment - boring!

    Philippa - the kids were really scary & weird, they were throwing so many things at my car that they set off the alarm.

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