Monday, August 17, 2009

Pie Floaters

After a recent visit to my mum, my partner & I were driving past Pie in the Sky in Olinda when he started reminiscing about how good pie floaters were & suggested that perhaps I could make them for dinner one night. Personally, the idea of a meat pie covered in tomato sauce in a bowl of pea soup sounds absolutely revolting to me but thought that I would give it a go anyway - on one condition - no pea soup! Peas are about the only vegetable that I don't like & I hate the idea of pea soup so I decided to try pie floaters with potato & leek soup instead.

Now this should have been an easy meal - we bought pies from La Panella so they only needed heating in the oven & I made a very simple soup - just peeled diced potatoes, diced leeks, garlic, massel chicken stock to cover & then blended down to a thick soup with a bit of soy milk stirred in at the end. But - this meal was a disaster, I burnt my finger so badly that it has scarred by some soup bubbling up & splattering my finger & my oven caught on fire! Yep, I opened my oven door to flames shooting out! So after the fire was put out, the smoke cleared & the mountains of ash cleaned from my kitchen, we sat down to pie floaters which I reluctantly have to admit weren't bad! I thought the pies would go soggy but they didn't at all & because the soup was thick it was kind of reminiscent of a shepherds pie. I didn't love them but definitely didn't hate them either & would consider making them again.

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  1. hi vicki! hope your fingers are ok! i just had a la panella pie for my lunch! bought frozen and reheated in the oven (which didn't catch fire!) it's the best was to have them.
    i'm going to have to try that croissant recipe in the post below - i'm thinking about them constantly!