Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I made enchiladas for dinner tonight, but with flour tortillas which I prefer to corn so they were not very traditional. They are very easy for when you can't really be bothered & they tasted ok. If I was to make them again (which I probably will) I won't use refried beans inside them because I found them a bit too mushy. Next time I will use kidney beans & corn instead which I think might also make them a bit lighter as these were really filling - I had one & I gave my partner two & he couldn't finish them which is a first! I probably wouldn't use ready made sauce next time either but I was jsut feeling lazy tonight!

I am not even going to worry about posting the recipe for the enchiladas because they are so basic but they consist of sauteed onion & zucchini with a tin of refried beans mixed in & half a jar of enchilada sauce. When this is all heated through & mixed well, put mixture into tortillas, roll up, place in a baking dish & cover with remaining enchilada sauce & some grated cheezly. Bake for about 20 minutes in a moderate oven until cheezly has melted & the tortillas are starting to brown. They are that easy & look quite impressive!

The salad that I had with them was awesome, definitely one of my favourites. It just consists of roasted red capsicum, corn, avocado, salt, pepper & lime juice. You just toss it all together & I served it on a bed of salad leaves which had a little grated carrot & beetroot mixed into it.


  1. sounds great! I still have not made enchiladas for some reason I thought they would be difficult or time consuming to make.

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