Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eats

Christmas lunch is always held at my mum's house & whilst she is fearless with veganising desserts she sometimes gets a bit confused about what vegan main meals to make us so I like to take something along.  It is especially important to make it incredibly delicious so that my omni family realise how delicious vegan eating can be.  After reading a thread on PPK about what people were making for Christmas I read about a Jamie Oliver recipe in the December/January issue of Delicious magazine for Pumpkin & Mushroom Wellington & knew immediately that this was going to be what I brought to lunch.
This recipe incorporates lots of ingredients that I love - pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, sage, pine nuts, lemon, rosemary...  This is not a difficult recipe, but there are a lot of steps so it does take awhile.  I am not going to type out the recipe because it is loooong, but someone has done it here with beautiful photos to boot.  I did really enjoy this, as did my family bit I found the cinnamon flavour a bit overpowering so would reduce that by half if I were to make it again.
I hope everyone has had as wonderful and delicious Christmases as I was lucky enough to.

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  1. this looks wonderful - sounds like a great christmas dinner - I am sure this wellington would have impressed your family