Monday, February 15, 2010

Gluten free sponge cake - CNYE potluck

When I was invited to Steph's place for a CNYE potluck I immediately panicked because I don't really make much in the way of Chinese food.  I decided that for my dessert I would make mango pudding.  My best friend's sister owns a Chinese restaurant & when I used to go there when I was omni she would always give me delicious mango pudding so I got her recipe & gave it a go.  The first time I made it I used gelatine free mango jelly in it & it was absolutely disgusting.  So I gave it another go using agar agar & while it was better it still wasn't super tasty. 

Then I threw a bit of a tantrum (because none of my savoury food was working either) & decided that I would just make a cake.  In a nod to CNY, I decided to include lychees so I made a sponge filled with lychees, strawberries & soyatoo.  I wanted all my food to be gluten free so everyone could eat it & found a recipe from a blog called Cooking with Dia which looked really easy & didn't have 4 different types of gluten free flour.  This recipe is super easy & turned out really well - my only problem was that it didn't make nearly enough to make 2 cakes & I actually had to make a second cake for the other layer.  

115gm vegan spread (I used nuttelex)
115gm gluten free self raising flour (I used the orgran brand)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg replacers (read back of box for instructions)

115 gm unrefined caster sugar
icing sugar

Cream the vegan spread, extract and caster sugar together.
Slowly add in the egg replacers and mix in with the vegan spread and sugar.
Meanwhile sift the flour twice and slowly fold into the mixture.
Stir together until nice and creamy.
Split the batter evenly between to 6″ sandwich tins.
Bake at 180°C (356°F) for 20 minutes.
Turn out on cooling rack.

I actually broke the top layer when I was taking it out of the tin which is why there is a massive crack in the top of the cake - oops!


  1. Your cake was delish! (Well, the tiny piece my son let me have! He really enjoyed the 2 pieces he ate!!)

    Your other food was yummy too!

  2. Thanks :) I had so many disasters trying to make both dishes!

  3. oh so the cake was yours - it was delicious - I had thought maybe it had coconut in it - wonder why? Glad I got to taste some of your contribution. Nice to have a chat to you at this pot luck

  4. Is it wrong of me to say that I'm glad that your first dessert didn't work because then you could introduce me to one of the greatest sponges cakes ever!

    Seriously that cake gives me some gluten free hope. Thanks for making something that I could eat :-)

  5. Thanks for coming and bringing such a delicious cake! :o)

  6. It was bloody great! And I've already promised to make it for my coeliac MIL so we can both enjoy it. Snaps to you!

  7. Yummy looking cake and it was so good of you (and everyone else) to make gf food!

  8. it was a really good cake, and it was super meeting you!