Friday, September 25, 2009

Strawberry & Cream Cake

It was my friend Kathryn's birthday recently & she mentioned that it was not often that she got birthday cake or if she did it was cake that she didn't like. So, we decided that I should make her birthday cake & she said that she would like something with strawberries & maybe cream. I decided to make a double layered cake with fresh strawberries & cream sandwiched between the layers & on top.

For some reason I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable cake recipe, which is probably because recipes that call for separating eggs scare me off because I am not sure how to veganise that. My first cake attempt was a complete disaster, it looked liked damper & it tasted like a big scone. In actual fact we ate pieces of it with jam & soyatoo cream & it was alright, but definitely wasn't the cake that I was wanting to make.

My second attempt was better & at that stage I really didn't want to go for round 3 so decided it would do. It didn't rise as much as I would have liked, but I do have problems with cakes rising in my oven. I bought an oven thermometer in case that was the issue but the problem is still not solved.

I whipped up a carton of soyatoo & tossed some strawberries in sugar & the end result was pretty good! Soyatoo is the food of the gods! I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it was!
Besides myself & my partner everyone that ate the cake were omni & everyone loved it - yay for yummy vegan food!!


  1. that cake looks impressive - fresh cakes always taste great and the strawberries look fantstic - such a great simple but beautiful decoration - I am sure it made Kathyrn's birthday memorable

  2. this looks gorgeous! i love having cakes made for me :)
    the strawberry shortcake recipe in Now Vegan is a good one with a light fluffy sponge base. as for the rising issue - check the date on your raising ingredients as baking powder especially has a relatively short shelf life

  3. I am pretty sure that my baking powder is really old so that might be an issue!